Leesburg & Berryville, VA
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Farm Management and Consulting

Beef Cattle


Hay and Straw

Crops are at the core of what we do at Tranco. We grow soybeans, corn, wheat, popcorn and milo.

Tranco works in partnership with landowners on land stewardship and provides consultation services.

 Our hay is guaranteed mold and fescue free. We are registered with the USDA Farm Agency.
Local delivery is available.

Our all-natural, antibiotic free beef is available year-round. We transport only to our USDA Certified Processing
Facilities, or to your butcher.

The Tranco Farms Garden is our newest endeavor. We produce local, flavorful veggies. No spraying , no chemicals. Click here to see what's growing in the garden.

Tranco's Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable agriculture isn't a trend to us.  We are, and always have been, deeply committed to maintaining and nurturing healthy farmland.
Responsibly managing the land for our community and protecting the environment we all share is at the core of our company’s principles. 
Over the past 25 years, we have seen the agricultural land base dwindle as valuable farmland has been sold and developed. This has made the adoption of new technologies and conservation practices critical to enhancing the productivity of the land we do have available.
Long-term sustainability of agriculture, including conservation programs on the farms we lease, is critical to our operations. By using sound farming practices which allow us to care for the environment while continuing our operations in a cost-effective manner, we are able to balance productivity and profitability.
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